StairDesigner 6.51

Creates, balances and updated stair designs
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Design polyvalent straight, helicoidal, and balanced stair models in the suite working with such types of construction materials as wood, marble, stone, and metal, etc. It features a working environment with configurable relevant stairway parameters such as Riser Height, Tread Length, and Stair Rule.

StairDesigner is a 3D CAD tool to design multi-flight and helicoidal stairs.
Helicoidal stair designs support circular and polygonal stairwells. Steps can be designed into the steps shaping menu, assigning curves and shapes; there are many designs that can be applied to the steps.

Many stair parameters can be modified using their different parameter menus, like stairway, interlanding, concrete, steps, stringboard, cut string, handrail, banister, and shaft parameters. Materials for build the stair also can be selected and applied to the design. Besides, it allows choosing among different textures; costs and weight can be assigned to each component of the stair design.

This stair CAD tool has an excellent GUI; some options are not available due it’s a demo version. Its installation process is simple and easy to perform and no additional libraries or programs are needed. There only documentation is a help tips window with some instructions to operate this program, but no further documentation is included; a user manual can be found at its website.
StairDesigner runs in Windows platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • It’s a great tool to design and build stairs
  • It provides a good GUI to design stairs
  • Stairs materials can be estimated


  • It has an unhanded error, when you build a helicoidal stair in circular stairwell; and the shaft parameters are changed for values not allowed, the program crashes and closes
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